About Us

Passion and science leads to a new generation of mouthpieces

NewGenMP was founded because the requested demands on recordable music have grown and the needs and wishes of musicians need to be given more consideration in any respect.

With our team of professional musicians and through the use of state-of-the-art techniques we open up innovative and unique solutions for the mouthpiece you have always desired.

Through the combination of a quality process, parametric design and scientific material studies, we create mouthpieces that we call mouthpieces driven by                               PASSION and SCIENCE.

In addition to new, high-quality worlds of sound, we distinguish ourselves by a high degree of flexibility in the design and layout of your mouthpieces. Along with classic materials, we also use biocompatible and FDA-approved materials and improve in collaboration with Department of Polymer Technology of the Technical University Berlin the appropriate mouthpiece material properties.

With a customised mouthpiece you can explore new musical horizons.

Discover new realms of sense and experience with YOUR new mouthpiece.

Our musical advisors and team for mouthpiece evaluation

Niko Zeidler


Born in Berlin.

Since 2014 studies of Jazz Saxophon at the renowned Jazz-Institute of Berlin (Prof. Peter Weniger).

Futhermore he plays the piano, the clarinet and the flute.

Awards in numerous competitions. Among others, as best soloist in 2015 at the „Bundesbegegnungen Jugend jazzt“.

Among different Jazz Emsembles, he is member of the pop band „Somebody Else“.


Ines Weber


Music teacher and pedagogue for saxophon and clarinet.

Studies at the Hanns Eisler College / University.

1998 – 2007 1st Tenor Saxophonist im StabsMuskorps BW.

Awarded for excellent performance and improvisational art with the medal of honor.

Since 1999 Tenor Saxophonist of the Salon Orchestra Berlin.

Various appearances in television, studio productions and engagements as soloist, among others at the Hofburg in Wien.