Terms and Conditions


Our offer is free in regards to the price, time and possibility of delivery. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Our offer is usually devised for distributors and wholesalers.


Only the current price-list (see Price & Delivery) in effect on the date of shipment is valid . Verbal price agreements are only valid at that time if they have been agreed by us in writing. The sales-basis for all settled business is the EURO-price of our price-list, also if the order has been acknowledged and the invoice is made out in a different currency. The prices shown are ex factory, excluding packing charges. The net purchase price shown is in any case unfree and without any applicable value added tax. Packing and shipping charges (in the event they are prepaid by us) will be charged extra on the invoice.

Terms of payment

Our invoices are subject to payment in accordance with the conditions stated in our order-acknowledgment. For late payments, however, we reserve the right to charge overdue-fees and interests payable for arrears at an increase of 2% above the interest the bank charges for loans on overdraft.


Only our order-acknowledgment can be a standard for us regarding the volume of delivery and all details of the order. All previous agreements, either verbally or in writing, are superseeded by the order-acknowledgment. The time of delivery starts at the day when the order acknowledgment is issued and can only be taken as approximately. High power, such as strike, difficulties in the factory and transportation, as well as obtaining raw-materials, relieves us from the terms of contract. There can be no right achieved for a claim of compensation, or withdrawal of the order by not keeping the delivery term. The delivery time (see Price & Delivery) is kept as soon as the consignment has left the factory.

Sample shipments

After consultation with us possible.


The shipment is always forwarded at the risk of the customer, even if a freight-free delivery has been agreed to.


Claims can only be recognized within 14 days after receipt of the goods. Claims must be made by registered mail. In the event merchandise is returned without our approval, we reserve the right to insist on the completion of the original purchase contract.

Reserved rights of property

The goods remain our property until fully paid. If the goods are seized by a third party the customer is responsible to inform us immediately in writing by „Registered Post“.

Place of settlement

Place of settlement in regards to delivery and payment, also the competency of the Court, is Berlin.